Accelerate the Future with the Power of Diversity.

Accelerate digitization with the power of diversity and create a prosperous society.

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A one stop platform to connect with top 1% talent from India.

Discover India's top 1% talent from premier institutions, including IITs, IIMs, NITs, IISc, and IIITs, through our comprehensive one-stop destination. We not only introduce highly-skilled Indian human resources but also provide unwavering support for their consistent and active role in your company. From pre-recruitment organisation to seamless onboarding, our tailored approach ensures a smooth hiring journey. With continuous engagement our mission is to nurture excellence and drive your company's success with exceptional Indian human resources. Elevate your organisation with the best talent India has to offer.


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We have a database of more than 12000+ active candidates from the 16+ premier institutes like IITs across India.


Find Quality Candidates

Get candidates on one platform according to the required skills and be assured that you hire the best candidates.


Save Time and Effort

Finding the best fit made easy. Let us source, screen and suggest you candidates so that you can focus elsewhere.


Intelligent Recommendations

Get recommendations based on a hybrid approach of AI-powered matching and a touch of our expert consultants.


Get Support Throughout

Get unwavering support on each and every stage of the hiring process from our team of talented and reliable experts.


Broaden Your Horizon

Get reports and surveys from our thorough researches so that you can make best hiring decisions based on factual information.


Regardless of nationality, gender, etc. A society where everyone can shine!

A global platform for highly-skilled human resources that fosters a diverse and enriched society. A place where every individual is motivated, fulfilled, and empowered to play an active role in shaping a brighter world. By connecting talents from all walks of life, we aim to promote inclusivity, equal opportunities, and global collaboration. Through this platform, individuals can enjoy their work, learn from diverse perspectives, and contribute to projects that drive positive social impact. Together, we envision a society where everyone thrives, finds joy in their endeavours, and makes a meaningful difference on a global scale.



A platform to hire fresh graduates full time from the top premier institutions through internships, hackathons like the Indian Institute of Technology etc.


Talendy EOR

When relocation is a challenge, we support the HR and payroll services for your full time employees so that you can focus on building great things together!


We Have The Best in Class Team of Experts!


Join hands with our team of seasoned experts from diverse industries, including venture capital, recruitment, strategy, and management consulting. Comprising engineers and consultants who recognise the immense potential of diverse mindsets, we have united to bring extraordinary visions to life. As your dedicated partner, we take pride in bringing your ideas to life, ensuring flawless execution and successful outcomes!.